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5/27/2020 10:43 AMChristopher Els
Christopher ElsBlog Page LayoutArticles5/27/2020 10:50 AMChantel Elizabeth Levey-CilliersWhy you should keep close ties with Recruiters during Covid-195/27/2020 10:50 AM
This global crisis has given birth to a renewed appreciation for the importance of an effective supply chain, without which companies that could be benefitting from increased demands, will miss out on the opportunity for immense success.
Why you should keep close ties with Recruiters during Covid-19
covid19, recruitment, supply chain, logistics

While some industries have been dealt an upsetting shock due to the pandemic, hiring in certain sectors have remained steady, with recruitment in supply chain outperforming other functions.  This global crisis has given birth to a renewed appreciation for the importance of an effective supply chain, without which companies that could be benefitting from increased demands, will miss out on the opportunity for immense success.

Further, according to an article by Deloitte entitled COVID-19: Managing supply chain risk and disruption, the impact of the pandemic brought to our attention the need to rethink traditional supply chain models. Their suggestion under short-term actions companies can take to answer to business disturbance and supply chain challenges include enhancing the focus on workforce / labour planning and preparing succession plans for key executive positions – i.e. ensuring that no matter what happens, the company has the right people on board. This will protect the company's brand and reputation and of course ultimately the revenue at stake.  Under long-term suggestions they mention the need to focus on digitisation – which will also then spark the need to have employees with the skills to roll this out and manage it. 

Other skills we have seen becoming increasingly important in a time like this, are individuals with expertise in supplier risk management, supply network mapping, and contract management & procurement skills to implement tighter expectation clauses, payment agreements to make cash flow available and creative savings initiatives.

This is why it is so crucial to form a solid relationship with a specialist recruiter that understands your industry and the impact of the current pandemic on your business.  This strategic partner can assist you in building a pipeline of talent and proactively look for skills that will strengthen the supply chain and procurement processes within your business, to meet current demand and challenges.   

While hiring slows and open positions are being put on hold, procurement and supply chain is more prone to be insulated from these hiring swings due to their importance to company continuity, like getting their materials to manufacturing sites and products to consumers. 

A first-class procurement function for example can help companies drive savings, deliver return on investment on their precious rands spent and lessen supply chain risk in this uncertain time. Companies can use talented supply chain practitioners now more than ever, especially in high-impact industries, where we have seen hiring in this field remain steady.

On the candidate side we offer the same advise – right now is a good time to be talking to recruiters.  The pandemic certainly has made the job search more stressful for candidates as it seems like companies are laying off and have hiring freezes. Now more than ever it makes sense to partner with a specialist recruiter who's pure focus is knowing which company is hiring which skills in your industry.  So if you want to boost your chances of getting hired, you need to put yourself on the radar of those who can really help you land an interview. Further, as companies need to make more cuts, the landscape will become much more competitive than it is at the moment. This is also a very ideal opportunity to job search as you are more free to speak at home and it's a good time to explore outside of your firm if you feel there might be any uncertainty about your company's future.  Finally, pandemic or not, the perfect opportunity might just be out there waiting for you.

In conclusion, we recommend talking to skilled recruiters no matter what the economic climate. Good skills and jobs will always be key in rebuilding the economy back into a thriving ecosystem.

2/21/2019 11:09 AMVerushka Dass
Verushka DassBlog Page LayoutArticles2/21/2019 12:00 AMVerushka DassNew Supply Chain Jobs Are Emerging as AI Takes Hold2/21/2019 12:00 AM
Artificial intelligence (AI), in the form of devices that act and react like humans, has been gaining momentum in transforming supply chain management.
supply chain jobs, supply chain recruitment, supply chain recruiters, artificial intelligence, AI jobs, artificail intelligence jobs, jobs supply chain, logistic job, planning jobs, recruitement, recruitment agency

Artificial intelligence (AI), in the form of devices that act and react like humans, has been gaining momentum in transforming supply chain management. To work smarter, more and more companies are employing technologies including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and robotics. Companies are cutting supply chain complexity and accelerating responsiveness using the tools of artificial intelligence. Through AI, machine learning, robotics, and advanced analytics, firms are augmenting knowledge-intensive areas such as supply chain planning, customer order management, and inventory tracking.

What does that mean for the supply chain workforce?

Although many people fear that with the advances in technology humans at some point would be replaced by computers, the reality is that both machines and humans are essential: By collaborating in roles such as supply chain planning and inventory management, the combined power of humans and machines will create new sources of value for businesses. We've explored the nature of the new value-enhancing roles that will emerge and identified three new categories of AI-driven jobs:

Trainers: Individuals will be required to help AI systems learn how to perform, which includes everything from helping natural language processors and language translators make fewer errors, to teaching AI algorithms how to mimic human behaviors.

Explainers: AI systems might make the data processing easier but new careers will emerge for individuals who can interpret the results of algorithms to improve transparency and accountability for AI decision making and processes.

Sustainers: This is one the most essential roles emerging in the AI space, individuals will be required to ensure intelligent systems stay true to their original goals without crossing ethical lines or reinforcing bias.

Technology in Supply Chain is opening up some exciting new avenues and possibilities for the industry and will enable supply chain planners to make more forward-looking, strategic decisions and spend less time on reactive problem-solving. These planners will lead the charge in moving away from a traditional supply chain-operating model, which is inflexible and slow, to a new dynamic model with true end-to-end segmentation. That means planning multiple supply chains that meet the needs of specific customer micro-segments as well as managing business relationships and exceptions. The importance of strong analytical skills will grow with the demand for human workers with a digital engineer's skill set.

The supply chain is and always has been a people business. We're moving towards a world where humans and machines are collaborating, not just co-existing. The result will be an efficient, sustainable supply chain that delivers better business outcomes.

Are you ready for new opportunities in your Supply Chain career as AI takes hold?

Tech-pro Recruitment can assist you with all your Supply Chain Jobs : or +27 11 514 0463

11/6/2018 9:20 AMJaco Wiese
Verushka DassBlog Page LayoutPress Release10/4/2018 12:00 AMVerushka DassBeing prepared for an interview – Tips & Hints8/10/2018 12:00 AM
Tips and hints for a Job Interview to ensure that you are fully prepared for not only interviews but also ensuring that you are the top candidate and land your dream job
being prepared for an interview
tip and hits, interview questions, interview tip, interview hints, resume, cv, jobs,

We have all been there when it was time to take yourself to the market or take the next step in your career and ready to get your CV out there and attend interviews.

However, what is meant by that? How can you ensure that you are fully prepared for not only interviews but also ensuring that you are the top candidate?

As Candidates, there are various factors to remember or be prepared for when you decide that you really are ready to make the move, or as a graduate to secure that first position amongst many others.

You need to make sure that you improve your chances of being successful and the following points are here to guide you through that process:

  • How to prepare your CV and what to include:
    • Personal details (ID number, disability, address, etc.)
    • Contact details (email, cell and additional contact)
    • Memberships, leadership roles and achievements
    • Dates of employment (specific – Jan 2015 to August 2017)
    • Dates of all qualifications and completed qualifications
      • Any incomplete qualifications need to be shown
    • Duties (be specific)
    • Reasons for leaving and explanations for any small or bigger gaps on your CV
    • References
    • Spelling and Grammar checked

It is very important to include as much as you can in your CV from achievements to what experience you have had, or even what your computer skills are. However, also remember to keep this simple and only included the necessary detail.

Transparency is imperative, and excluding any position from your CV is only setting yourself up for failure.

  • How to be prepared for an Interview:
    • Being on time is very important, try and arrive to the interview at least 15 minutes earlier however only go in to the offices 5 minutes before the interview
    • Conduct research on the company and who you are meeting with
    • Ensure you are well presented and professionally dressed (grooming and personal hygiene) 
    • Introducing yourself with a firm handshake and eye contact is important
    • Ask questions relevant to the organization and the role; always have questions that are relevant in the interview as this will show your research or interest in the position and/or Company
    • Prepare yourself for the most commonly asked interview questions and answer only what is asked; going on in a full life time history will not be in your benefit e.g. "tell me about yourself?, why are you currently looking for alternative opportunities? Etc.
    • Watch your body language (more than 60% of our communication is nonverbal) and your self-presentation is just as important as answering questions e.g. Sit up right, keep your hands to your side or on your lap, and answering confidently but with a balance of not being arrogant
    • Turn your cellphone off before you going into the interview
    • Keep your answers concise (remember the 60/40 rule)
    • Sell yourself but don't be arrogant
    • Don't be the first to bring up the salary topic and ensure that you know your salary details if you are going to discuss this and what your realistic expectations are
    • Create urgency by asking about the next step in the process
    • Ensure you have copies of your documents with you (CV, Payslip, ID, Qualifications, reference details)
    • Thank your interviewers for meeting with you
  • In Summary, the Do's and Don'ts in an interview are:
    • Do:
    • Be on time
    • Research on the company
    • Dress appropriately (corporate)
    • Give a firm hand shake
    • Be honest and humble
    • Ask questions
    • Make eye contact

    • Don't:
    • Be rude to anyone you come in contact with at the client
    • Fidget during the interview
    • Be shy to ask questions
    • Ask what the working hours and salary are in your first meeting

  • Being committed to an interview process is:
    • Be available for interviews
    • Make sure you have your supporting documents that are needed
    • Ensure you have all the necessary information that will be asked
      • Payslips
      • Proof of qualification
      • Copy of your ID
      • Referee's that can be contacted

Securing a new position is not always easy, but being prepared will only allow your chances to be a lot better.

Good Luck in your interview process and make sure you are as prepared as possible.

Tech-Pro is the unrivalled market leader in the placement of South Africa Supply Chain Professionals.
As specialist Recruiters with over 40 years of combined team knowledge, we differentiate ourselves through our strong technical understanding of Supply Chain. This expertise has allowed us to place 600 Supply Chain Professionals over the past 5 years alone and our database of 67 000 Supply Chain career seekers gives employers access to top Supply Chain talent that isn't necessarily on the market or easily available. Tech-Pro partners with SAPICS and is affiliated to SmartProcurement and is both an Association of Personnel Service Organisations (APSO) and Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES) member.


3/26/2019 11:35 AMVerushka Dass
Sandra OlivierBlog Page LayoutArticles8/23/2018 12:00 AMSandra OlivierSalary Survey 20188/23/2018 12:00 AM
Salary Survey 2018
Salary Survey 2018
Salary Survey

Tech-Pro’s 2018 Salary Survey offers findings from across five categories: procurement, supply chain, logistics, planning, and consulting – with 36 job titles across the categories. The findings are also further categorised into entry level, mid-career and senior level candidates. This information offers crucial insights that can be used in terms of bench-marking offers to candidates or for assessing offers if you’re considering moving roles or chasing a promotion. 

The information contained in the report was gathered through over 660 placements over the past five years, and also draws from a database of 9780 supply chain candidates.


10/8/2018 7:46 AMSandra Olivier
Sandra OlivierBlog Page LayoutArticles5/3/2018 12:00 AMSandra OlivierSecuring Supply Chain Talent: Think Outside the Box5/3/2018 12:00 AM
It happens to all of us at some point.
You get all of the way through your recruitment process – approval to hire, sourcing, interviews, assessments and offer – only to lose a hard-to-find candidate at the last hurdle.
Supply Chain, Supply Chain Talent, Supply Chain Recruitment

It happens to all of us at some point.

You get all of the way through your recruitment process – approval to hire, sourcing, interviews, assessments and offer – only to lose a hard-to-find candidate at the last hurdle.

The last minute loss could be due to one of a number of factors – a better offer, a counter-offer, career path (or lack thereof). Regardless of the reason, it's frustrating, disheartening – and can have real business impact.


As employers, we sometimes forget that recruitment is an audition – both for the prospective employee and for ourselves. And, we don't always hold all of the cards.

However, we can improve our chances of securing top talent – while minimising the dreaded last minute offer decline – by focusing on the following areas…

  • Salary and Benefits:

Even in tight economic conditions, competition for star talent drives up price.

An attractive cost to company package remains key to securing top skills.

And, while it's not always possible for smaller players to offer the kind of benefits that larger, international corporates can, it's still possible to compete.

It just requires careful thought and a bit of ingenuity.


As a start, look at how your 'cost to company' package is structured.

Could you offer a higher cash portion? Sometimes, corporate rules force employees to put a large percentage of their annual package into a pension or provident fund, resulting in lower take home pay. Smaller employers don't have the same restrictions.

How you structure contributions to retirement funding and group life/ risk benefits can also help, as can allowances for travel (refunds or reimbursements), car insurance, cell phone and canteen/ lunch.

Leave is another good option. Are you in a position to offer more generous annual leave, paid maternity leave or study leave? Could you offer flexible working hours – which are a big draw card, particularly for parents?

Offering to pay for studies has the added benefit – if you have a payback clause – of aiding retention of key skills. And, share options or bonus payments, based on performance, are always attractive.


  • Technology Trends:

Outdated technology can have a negative effect on hiring.

Employers who challenge how they do business and strive to remain up to date with the latest Supply Chain tech trends are more likely to attract star talent.

Also important is how your technology facilitates – rather than hinders – work. 

How much access do staff have to their laptops? Can they upload work apps easily? Does your technology support staff who need to work remotely?


  • Company Culture:

As David Cummings, co-founder of Pardot says 'corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur.'

Millennials don't want to be told that 'we've always done it this way'.

Instead, they want a stake in how things are done – and seek out forward-thinking, innovative and collaborative corporate cultures, with strong, ethical values and a professional and inclusive management style.

They want to understand strategy and vision, have the freedom to challenge your thinking and play a real part in your success.

If your culture doesn't allow this, you may lose them.


  • Training and Development:

Clearly mapped out development goals and growth opportunities are key.

As a minimum, paying professional membership fees, subscribing to industry publications, attendance at key industry conferences/ events and access to professional/ knowledge development short courses and workshops is essential.

However, to stand out, try to offer access to high-level, coveted study programmes, sought-after international conferences or provide study assistance (with work-back periods or pro-rata payback).

  • Recruitment Process:

If you've spent time to ensure that your salary packages are attractive and that your technology, culture and training are up to standard, but you're still losing or battling to attract talent, you could have an issue with your recruitment process.

Our research indicates that streamlined recruitment processes that are based on specific, detailed job requirements and focus on quick turnaround of CV's, upfront checking, panel interviews and speedy feedback make a significant difference.

Regardless of whether the vacancy is senior or entry level, if your recruitment process cannot be completed (first presentation of CV to acceptance of offer) within 2 to 4 weeks, you're likely to lose the candidate you're chasing.


Securing top talent isn't always easy. But, if you're creative and are willing to look outside the box, you'll stand a better chance.
Good luck!!

Tech-Pro is the unrivalled market leader in the placement of South Africa Supply Chain Professionals.
As specialist Recruiters with over 40 years of combined team knowledge, we differentiate ourselves through our strong technical understanding of Supply Chain. This expertise has allowed us to place 600 Supply Chain Professionals over the past 5 years alone and our database of 67 000 Supply Chain career seekers gives employers access to top Supply Chain talent that isn't necessarily on the market or easily available. Tech-Pro partners with SAPICS, is affiliated to SmartProcurement and is both an Association of Personnel Service Organisations (APSO) and Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES) member.


8/17/2017 10:11 PMJaco Wiese
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles12/8/2016 12:38 PMAkira RamrajTips for setting career goals for the new year12/8/2016 12:45 PM
Tips for setting career goals for the new year

​The time to set new goals is upon us. This time of the year offers us an opportunity to prepare for new beginnings and resolutions. With January being the busiest job searching month of the year, people are constantly seeking opportunities that will advance their careers.


I used to think it was absurd for teachers to ask me where I see myself in 5 years. I used to think I was too young to know but also it was a waste of my time. Little did I know, you need to set clear objectives for your career in order to measure your success.

The arrival of the New Year is a great time to reflect on your past experiences and think about which direction your career should take. In addition, employers are hiring at this time of the year, so you can also get a good feel for the market you'd like to look into.

 The tips below will help you to create your career goals.

1.       Review your work

Look through your academic and employment history to find out which elements you enjoyed or were passionate about.

2.       Start with career research

Read about careers of interest. Identify various careers that interest you and keep narrowing them down. Measure the careers against your preferred skills list and research careers that genuinely appeal so you can find a suitable career for you.

3.       Check out what your friends do

Be curious about the work that people in your social network do. The roles of colleagues, suppliers and clients might interest you and be a good fit for you. These roles can help you develop in certain elements of your career.

4.       Set up a job shadow

Job shadowing is great for your career as you gain concrete exposure to the field. This can create a lot of opportunities for you.

5.       Volunteer to gain experience

Not everything is about money. Look for volunteer positions within your desired career field. Part-time internships are also a great way to gain experience.

6.       Invest in your education

We constantly need to learn new things and develop our knowledge. Consider taking an online class to boost your career skills and understanding of your desired career.

Start the New Year with an active campaign to find new career opportunities. Career focus comes through active engagement with career resources and people in the working environment. Remember, it is never too late to make your move!

Thinking of a career change? Visit our website for the latest jobs in the Supply Chain industry.​

2/11/2019 11:41 AMVerushka Dass
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles11/17/2016 1:29 PMAkira RamrajWomen in a logistics career11/17/2016 1:34 PM
Tech-Pro, which is a leader in Supply Chain Recruitment, are recruiting females for seniors roles in the Supply Chain and logistics industry
Women in a logistics career
Logistics jobs, jobs in logistics, logistics jobs Johannesburg, logistics recruitment, logistic recruiters, logistics recruitment agencies, recruitment agencies, recruitment compant, supply chain, suppy chain jobs

An increasing number of companies in South Africa and globally are taking concrete steps to increase the number of women in key roles. This ensures diversity and inclusion in the company. Tech-Pro, which is a leader in Supply Chain Recruitment, has a female MD and constantly promotes empowering women.


Change in transport and logistics

The transport and logistics industry is typically known as an industry for men because there are a large number of men that dominate the industry. Women are predominately employed as support staff in admin, finance and communications roles while on the other hand men are employed in physical roles that are technical and operational.

With the advancement of technology, certain markets have created opportunities to include more women. These opportunities include automatic gearboxes and hydraulic lifting equipment and also increasing education of existing employees in order for them to advance in their careers and improve technical training in the company. The retirement of current employees also creates Job opportunities for women in the company as they can apply for the roles and get promotions.


Industry growth through diversity and workplace culture

Gender and diversity are key factors of any company culture, this includes the logistics industry. Male and female employees both, can create solutions that can benefit the company and improve financial returns and profitable growth.

It is very important for every company to have a culture that promotes constructive dialogue about the importance and benefits of diversity and inclusion. Employing women in this industry to get a high BBBEE score is not enough, companies need to remove cultural and structural barriers.


Key insights and the road ahead

  • Inclusion of women at all professional levels leads to better business outcomes such as high productivity levels, employee satisfaction and high financial returns for the business.
  • The logistics industry should actively leverage on opportunities to attract and employ women. Other industries such as mining and engineering have recognised the importance of diversity and inclusion of women in the workplace.
  • It is possible to remove barriers that prevent the broader participation of women in the logistics industry through strong and committed leadership.

Tech-Pro Supply Chain Recruiters is committed to promoting and empowering women in the logistics industry. Visit our website to view and apply for jobs in the logistics industry.

8/17/2017 11:11 PMJaco Wiese
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles11/10/2016 1:42 PMAkira RamrajHow to look out for employment scams11/10/2016 1:45 PM
Job scams
How to look out for employment scams
How to look out for employment scams

So, you've come across an ad for what seems like a dream job, it's in your area of expertise and pays a great salary that is higher than the current market rate. Something doesn't seem right though and alarms are going off in your head about this opportunity. Before you proceed with your application make sure you've been through our list of pointers to help you spot an employment scam.


1.       You have to part with money

This is a huge warning sign as any legit company does not need you to pay them any fee for an interview to happen or when the interview is done for training. If you are asked for your banking details, do not part with that information as you're sure to be left bankrupt! The golden rule is, if any job opportunity requires you to pay money, it is most probably a scam.


2.       Free email accounts

The email address that is used for communication by the recruiter is a free email account such as Gmail, Yahoo, Live or Hotmail. All legitimate companies that are hiring will use corporate email accounts to communicate with you, not their personal accounts. Stay away from these emails as they are more than likely trying to lure you into a scam job opportunity.


3.       High pay for little work

The job advert boasts a very high salary for very little work to be done with no experience or qualifications. This should raise red flags immediately as most companies pay you industry related salaries and expect some sort of experience to do the job and a qualification is more than often needed.


4.       SMS job opportunities

This is a popular one that has been going around in South Africa in the last few months. Scam recruiters will send you an SMS stating that your CV has been viewed by their company or themselves and they would like you to come in for an interview. The location is provided but it is more like a home address and no company name is given. Ignore this immediately and do not respond.


5.       Work from home

Working from home may seem like a dream! The ability to be in the comfort of your home doing very little work sounds great but that is not always the case. Most work from home scams require you to purchase a starter kit to do the job that will be delivered to your house, however, this does not arrive. There are also scams where you have to do data capturing work that you will not end up getting paid for.  


It is vital that you take precautions for all job opportunities that come your way. Falling for scammers can lead to the loss of money and identity theft. Taking the time to ensure that you have checked the points above, it will save you from being the next victim.

Tech-Pro are leaders in Supply Chain Recruitment. We have professional recruitment consultants that will assist you with new career opportunities. Visit our website for more information.

8/17/2017 11:11 PMJaco Wiese
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles11/3/2016 8:45 AMNeshika ThakurdinInterview tips to successfully close an interview11/3/2016 8:44 AM
Making it to the interview round means that you are one step closer to getting the job. These tips can help you nail the interview round and ultimately get the job. Read more on the Blog.
Interview tips to successfully close an interview
Job interview tips, interview tips, career advice, career opportunities, supply chain jobs, logistics jobs

​Making it to the interview round means that you are one step closer to getting the job. You are one of at least 3 or 4 people under consideration for the job. You have nothing to lose if you nail your interview and end it on a high note. If you’ve had a good interview, it could seal the deal. The tips below can help you nail the interview round and ultimately get the job. 

  • Be bold. Be confident.

Being interviewed by a panel of senior staff can be intimidating and daunting to your confidence. Remember that they can also sense your energy – whether you are nervous or not. Try to always be calm and confident. Be bold when answering your questions and give out as much information as you can. 
  • Ask probing questions

It is important to ask questions after an interview especially if you are not clear on certain issues. An example can be to ask questions such as ‘What are the next steps?’ or ‘how soon do you expect to be making a decision?’. Don’t put the interviewer off or come across as arrogant and over-confident. Asking questions about benefits and leave risks you appearing presumptive or self-interested and neither of them are traits that are likely admired. Get the full list of questions to ask in an interview by clicking here. 
  • Body language matters 

It is important to make contact with your interviewer; this can be a handshake or eye contact. Thank them for seeing you and for their insightful questions. You don’t want to seem as though you want to escape the place but rather look comfortable.  

  • Remember to follow up 

The interview is not the last step. You need to follow up with your interviewer to check on the selection process. Send a ‘thank you’ note to the people who interviewed you, simply thanking them for their time and their questions and reiterating how excited you are about the opportunity. 

A job interview is a step closer to getting your job. You need to be aware of your body language and your personality. Be yourself and be confident but also conduct yourself in a professional manner. 

Tech-Pro has professional recruiters that will assist you with new career opportunities in Supply Chain and Logistics. Visit our website​ for more details.
2/11/2019 11:19 AMVerushka Dass
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles11/1/2016 2:05 PMAkira RamrajWhat questions you should ask in an interview11/1/2016 2:05 PM
Questions to ask in an interview
What questions you should ask in an interview
supply chain jobs, supply chain recruitement, supply chain recruiters, supply chain, jobs in supply chain, recruiters, recruiters supply chain, logistics recruitment, recruitment logistics, logistics recruitment agency

Getting called in for a job interview is an achievement and an important milestone on the path to getting a job. However, we all know how daunting interviews can be, focusing on answering all the questions that the interviewer asks you correctly and not making any mistakes. It is common for job seekers to focus so hard on answering interview questions that they forget something very important: You can ask questions too!

Image result for questions to ask in an interview

questions to ask.jpg 

Here is a list of questions that you should ask the interviewer:


1.       How has this position evolved?

By asking this question, you will be gaining information on how this role has grown over the years and whether the position is a dead end with no growth or a stepping stone which will help you reach greater heights within the company.


2.       What is the company culture and working environment like?

This important question will help you with insight on what the company is all about and if you will be able to fit in with the rest of the team. The interviewers' response will help you judge if the environment is a positive and friendly one.


3.       Can you tell me about the company's growth plans?

Asking this will assist you in finding out about where the company is headed in the future and if growth is expected. The plans will give you an indication of what they are implementing and if you will be able to contribute to it.


4.       What is expected of me in this position?

If you want to know exactly what the role you are interviewing for is about, this is the question to ask. It will ensure that you know exactly what is expected of you, directly from the employer and there will be no room for any surprises if you are hired. It will allow you to know exactly what you are signing up to do.


5.       What are some of the challenges in this position?

This will give insight on some of the difficulties and challenges that you may face if you are hired for the job. It will help you go in with a better view of what to expect and you can prepare yourself to deal with these challenges in the best way possible.

Image result for 5 questions to ask in an interview


Asking the right questions in an interview are important for many reasons. The questions you ask will determine if this is a company you would like to work for, it helps you collect valuable information about the company, including the employees that are a part of it and if their goals align with yours.  It also gives the interviewer insight into what areas you want clarity on.

Tech-Pro Recruiters are leaders in Supply Chain recruitment, for tips or advice feel free to send us an enquiry. Alternatively, to search and apply for jobs, click here.

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