All hail SAPICS The Concert of Coordination

For many industries, a large annual conference is little more than an opportunity to go away for a couple of days, eat too much and wander around looking at the same exhibits you looked at last year, or listen to a similar keynote presentation that you heard somewhere before, before gratefully returning home.

And this is where the SAPICS conference is so different! The leading event in Africa for supply chain professionals is taking place at Sun City 12 – 14 June 2016. And the very apt title 'A Concert of Coordination' is befitting for an industry that moves, adapts and changes as swiftly as the times – staying abreast is not good enough, getting ahead is the only way to succeed in this competitive and fluid industry.

With more than 45 speakers and presentations, and 15 practical and exciting workshops, there is no excuse to come away anything less than more knowledgeable, more inspired and more valuable in your position than when you arrived. With diverse presentations from the biggest and most successful firms in the industry, delivered with passion and excitement by the best people in the business, you will be spoilt for choice – choose your itinerary carefully to get the most out of the SAPICS experience, including topics such as:

  • The dynamics of the Nandos supply chain in the casual dining restaurant business – a case study.
  • Smarter Supply Chains: Leveraging the Internet of Things and Big Data to Impact Growth and Performance
  • Network modelling at SAB – guiding strategy through the year
  • Environmental Economics – Supply Chain Solutions When Zero Counts
  • Environmental Economics – Supply Chain Solutions When Zero Counts
  • Cash is King: The South African Reserve Bank's Search for the Holy Grail of Supply Chain Management – Coordination

To get maximum impact out of your SAPICS 2016 experience, you should book and attend as many workshops as you can. These are hands on, specific and practical 3 hour workshops, designed to give you a beneficial skills boost in a short timeframe, by learning from the most highly regarded supply chain professionals from South Africa, USA, UK, Germany and Russia, amongst others. Supplement your skills with relevant workshops such as:

  • Negotiation Skills: Basic Strategies to Achieve Your Goals
  • Demand Driven Material Resource Planning (DDMRP) with Excel
  • Maximizing supply chain learning through simple patterning and sequencing
  • Supply Chain & Operational Metrics – Friend or Foe
  • A Supply Chain Manager's guide to the Internet of Things

    On top of the presentations and workshops is a simulated blended learning space that is a must-visit! In the Africa Café is The Fresh Connection – the chance to receive supply train training in a no risk environment. Using a fictitious, virtual fresh juice company, the online business simulation tool allows you to experience the power of alignment amongst departments and with partners within the supply chain. This is highly interactive, educational and fun!

    And last, but by no means least, Tech-Pro will be there too! Here we get to identify the up and coming stars of the supply chain world, and meet and greet the established ones! Here is an opportunity for you to find out what talent is available, for your business, or perhaps your personal career goals. Don't forget to pop by and say hi at stand M9 in Atrium 2, and also peruse our independent salary survey – we all need to know that we are getting what we are worth! See you there!

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