How to use a supply chain recruitment agency effectively

The supply chain industry is a pivotal one, which is growing and changing all the time. Finding the right talent, at the right time and the right skills is a major challenge. As is matching individuals to careers that keep them constantly growing, succeeding and developing.

So, what can a specialist recruitment agency do for businesses in need of supply chain talent, or professionals who want to progress in their supply chain careers? The answer is: lots! The recruitment agency can assist both parties immensely. But, like anything, there are ways to go about the process and activities that maximise the partnership between the employer and specialist recruitment agency.

One of the ways to get the most out of a partnership with a recruitment agency is to allow the agency to become closely involved in your business. The more collaboration the partnership strives for, the better the results. This could involve inviting the agency to participate in executive meetings, and really opening up the business so that the agency can understand what talent is required and how the company culture plays out. If the recruitment agency has the opportunity to really be close to your business, they can be proactive instead of reactive. They can anticipate your talent needs by keeping an ear to the ground for right candidates even before the position comes up! This understanding goes a long way in achieving a great fit between the candidate, their workplace and the employer.​

Understanding your talent needs

Another way in which your business can benefit from being close to a specialist recruitment agency is knowledge transfer and understanding of your talent and business needs. If the agency is well informed about your business and the industry, they have complete confidence in approaching the very top candidates, and being able to speak on behalf of your company with skill and conviction.

Ideally, the recruitment agency should constantly be researching and speaking to all the players in the supply chain industry. It should have exclusive industry insights, up to date knowledge and information that gives them market intelligence, which can be hard to come by when you are focussed on your own business needs. The recruitment agency should know the available talent, where they are and how to reach out to them, salary rates, career expectations, available skill-sets and current hiring complexities.


Relationship building and teamwork

Having a close relationship with your recruitment agency is an important business rule. It goes without saying that if relationships are built and nurtured, your agency feel like part of your team. This culture of 'belonging' will ensure loyalty, trust, hard work and the best service.

Your recruitment agency should have industry credentials, accreditation and affiliations as well as a large pool of qualified supply chain professionals. It should also have the manpower needed to help you recruit the best supply chain talent in the market.


Candidates vs applicants

There might be many applicants for a position, but far fewer great candidates. When using a recruitment agency, you will be given a shortlist of top supply chain candidates who have been ​pre-checked, saving you considerable time and resources.


Choosing the right specialist recruitment agency

So, why take chances with your most valuable asset, your people? It is worth taking the time and effort to bring your recruitment agency up to speed with your company and nurturing a close relationship. Before you do this, it is important to choose the right recruitment agency for your business. There are a couple of things you could check out to ensure that you will have a good 'fit' with your recruitment agency.

  • Firstly, it is worth checking out which positions your recruitment agency fills, and ensuring they are speaking to the correct level of technical expertise you require for your talent. If you have specialist technical positions, be mindful that your agency will need to have knowledge in this area. The right specialist recruitment agency will have a database of pre-approved professionals that they are in contact with, so it is wise to make sure that ask the recruiters about the talent on hand in order to fill your positions quicker.
  • Another aspect to check on is reach and geography – can they assist in all the geographic markets that you need? Can they tap into expertise and talent and possibly minimise relocation costs?
  • Do they supply talent within the offerings you have, such as permanent, contract and temporary work? Read about the agency's experience and testimonials to get a feel for who their clients are and what they have to say.


Protect your assets

It is worth protecting your business through top talent that has been verified and checked, and it is worth keeping your agency close to your business, so you get the very best people when you need them, and ensure your business stays profitable and at the forefront of your industry.


If you are using a specialist recruitment agency make sure that you are getting the value and efficiency that you need. Tech-Pro is a leading supply chain recruitment agency in South Africa. Our knowledge of supply chain management enables us to source suitable candidates​ for available roles in all areas of the supply chain because our team of has in-depth understanding of supply chain, including all job roles and their contribution to the business value chain. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your supply chain recruitment needs.​