Supply Chain Industry Salary Survey

​Tech-Pro's Salary Survey 2016, published to coincide with the recent SAPICS Conference and Exhibition, highlights how growing demand for skilled Supply Chain practitioners is improving career and earnings prospects for Procurement, Logistics, Planning, Supply Chain and Consulting staff.

Elements that impact earnings

As in every career and industry there are multiple factors and elements that influence one's salary. Experience, location, gender and qualification are some of the determining factors that impacts one's earnings.

South Africa's Salary Trends in the Supply Chain Industry for 2016

In 2016, a mid-level Supply Chain Optimization Manager that holds 3 – 6 years' experience can expect a salary of R712 501 compared to R600 001 in 2014. This has increased by 18.75% in just 2 years.

In 2014, an experienced Sourcing Manager that had 6 or more years of experience could earn up to R1 012.501. Today, this has increased by 9.31%, and these professionals can expect to earn R1 106 819.

An entry level Demand Planner with 0 – 3 years' experience can expect to earn R345 715 per annum while a senior Demand Planner with more than 6 years' experience can expect to earn R785 770.

Tech-Pro's Salary Survey 2016, which analysed salaries earned by Supply Chain professionals across various areas of specialisation, reflects the rising importance of South African supply chain skills.

Have you noticed an improvement in supply chain salaries? Which factors do you believe have the most impact on earnings? What features do you consider most important when considering new job opportunities? Share your thoughts by joining our discussion on LinkedIn.

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