The Evolution of Supply Chain Efficiency Partnerships and Recruitment

"The supply chain is no longer seen as a support function, but as the backbone of business." - Barloworld Logistics' 2015 supply chain foresight report

This article is a follow up to 2015 Top Supply Chain Trends: Procurement Peak, Surging Salaries and Top Talent, which detailed the top 5 supply chain trends for 2015 as summarised in an interview with Kabelo Modiba, a Business dev​elopment Manager at Tech-Pro in Sunninghill.

In this portion of the interview, Kabelo takes a close look at how supply chain has developed over the years and how contemporary businesses view supply chain.

1.     How does business currently view supply chain?

Businesses that have a mature supply chain, have realised that in order to gain organic growth without necessarily acquiring new businesses or growing volumes, they need to strengthen their business processes and they have put supply chain in the forefront. These businesses prioritise and value supply chain, therefore they will always have the more mature supply chains and will always be at the cutting edge of supply chain. As a result, they will also be the ones who are attracting a lot of supply chain talent. These businesses drive best practice and innovation.

In contrast, there are businesses that view supply chain as an integral part of supply but not as a driver of profits. In this case, SCM is unfortunately used on an advisory level. It will take a lot of change management in order to reverse such trends.

On a more positive note, CEO's and businesses at large are realising the importance of supply chain management. Although it is taking time, it is a trend that is catching on. Examples of industries that have realised the importance of SCM include manufacturing and mining.


2.     How has supply chain developed over last 5 years?

In the last 5 years supply chain has become more professionalised, and SCM roles are becoming much more defined.

Supply chain management is about efficiency, therefore it is refreshing to note that the supply chain function itself is has become more efficient over the years. Also, SCM is taking centre stage and it has become a buzz word; businesses are taking notice and it has also become more attractive to students​.


3.     What makes Tech-Pro different?

Established in 1997, Tech-Pro is a key player in supply chain recruitment in South Africa. We have a legacy behind us. Our legacy means that we have likely dealt with the person who is looking for talent, at some point in their career; we have either interviewed or placed them. This has resulted in familiarity with many of the supply chain management professionals in South Africa.

Over the years, we have combined our knowledge of supply chain with our recruitment skills and technical expertise to achieve, and sustain, a competitive advantage. As a result, we differentiate ourselves through technical know-how.


4.     Why are industry bodies such as SAPICS important to Tech-Pro?

Tech-Pro is affiliated with SAPICS and SmartProcurement and is a member of both the Association of Personnel Service Organisations (APSO) and the Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES).

These industry bodies hold themselves up to a certain level of authority within supply chain and recruitment; they know which skills are needed and in time, they will become drivers of best practice. As a talent management service provider, we have a responsibility to our candidates and clients to ensure that we understand talent and what represents talent.

These affiliations are key to the long-term survival of any professional supply chain recruitment agency. We are committed to ensuring sustainable career success for all our candidates and adding value to our clients every step of the way.

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