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9/26/2017 10:07 AMSusan Rousseau
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles, Press Release6/9/2016 9:30 AMAkira Ramraj5 Reasons to Attend the SAPICS Conference6/9/2016 8:25 AM
5 Reasons to attend the SAPICS Conference
Reasons to attend the SAPICS Conference
5 Reasons to attend the SAPICS Conference

How do you get ahead in the supply chain industry? The answer is simple – you stay abreast of the latest developments; and you network! And what better place to do this than the 38th annual SAPICS conference and exhibition, in its new venue at the SunSky Village at Sun City? Aptly named 'A Concert of Coordination' and taking place from the 12-14 June 2016, it is the supply chain event not to be missed. This premier event brings together the supply chain movers and shakers from all over Africa, so there is no reason for you not to be amongst them!

South Africa's top agency exhibiting once again

Tech-Pro, as the leaders in supply chain recruitment in South Africa, would not miss it. Our agency specialises in placing the highest quality candidates in the business; so the event is key for us. We look forward to meeting up with our future candidates, catching up with our contacts, learning from those around us and contributing to the industry as a whole.

What's in it for you?

The chance to discover everything that is happening in your industry, all in one place. Being exclusively targeted at the supply chain industry, you can gather all the information and contacts you need to take yourself further in your profession. The event is a great opportunity to access thought leadership and network with your fellows. Bringing together the supply chain professionals of Africa also means that our unique challenges as a country and continent can be discussed and addressed; while simultaneously accessing global experts and latest developments.

Meet your future employer!

Whether you are just starting out in your supply chain career, a rising star or a seasoned pro looking for new challenges, this is the chance to nab the opportunity that is perfect for you. Here, you will find all the best-in-class companies and executives, eager to find the teams that will fulfil their objectives. And you can bet your bottom dollar they will be hanging out with us at the Tech-Pro exhibitor's stand!

Come and chat to us about what you would like your career to look like. We will be looking for and taking details for all those of you looking to take the next step in your career journey. It's a win-win situation!

As an industry service, Tech-Pro conduct and reveal the results of an industry-wide salary survey. So make sure you pop in to get the latest results, and help us out with data collection for the new survey. Gaining specific data helps us to make sure we can help you in getting the career boost and remuneration that you seek.

Rub shoulders with the heavy hitters

An exciting agenda of highly regarded local and international speakers will be sharing their knowledge and insight in various workshops and presentations. A knowledgeable, up to date candidate is a great candidate, so be sure to take advantage of the excellent minds available. This is a sure fire way to impress at your next interview!

Case studies are one of the best ways to bring learning to life. Catch Lara Haigh, South African Managing Director of Imperial Health Sciences. She will take you through the challenges faced when Imperial Heath Sciences client Valeant Pharmaceuticals International acquired vision care company Bausch & Lomb. The multi-layered products, service range and distribution channels made this transition potentially complex and difficult. So, how did Imperial Health Sciences successfully assist Bausch & Lomb with increases in sales volumes, call volumes and a service level of 99.97%?

Learn, learn and learn some more!

A successful career is based on the premise of lifelong learning – no matter how qualified you are or how much experience you have there is always room for more! Here is an opportunity to gain insights and knowledge from a large body of industry talent, through their workshops.

Perhaps Steven A. Melnyk, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University, USA, could help you out in his workshop: Critical Thinking – Developing the Key Skills for Becoming an effective Production and Inventory Control/Supply Chain Management Leader. He will workshop issues around the fact that a supply chain manager will oftentimes work at managing the symptoms of a problem, instead of finding the root of the issue and working at solving it from that standpoint. This methodology stops the symptoms recurring, and is an effective strategy for long-term leadership success.

We would love to see you at SAPICS 2016! Make sure you schedule a stop at stand M9 in Atrium 2 to have a chat about your future and the role we can play in it. You can also get the salary survey results hot off the press and tell us what SAPICS 2016 has done for you.

9/27/2017 9:49 AMTristan Bagshaw
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles, Press Release10/14/2016 10:36 AMMishqah ParukADvTECH Certified as a Top Employer10/14/2016 10:36 AM
ADvTECH Certified as a Top Employer
ADvTECH Certified as a Top Employer for
Top Employer

​We did it again!Top Employer 2017.jpg

We are exceptionally proud to announce that ADvTECH has, for the second consecutive year, been certified as one of the Top Employers South Africa 2017.

On 13 October 2016, the Top Employers Institute announced the results of its annual research into a large number of employers and their employee conditions in South Africa. We are delighted to let you know that our company is one of the successful organisations to be awarded the exclusive Top Employers South Africa 2017 certification.

What does this mean?
The Top Employers Institute is an independent organisation uncovering the employee offerings of significant employers around the world and measuring them against the international standard. As such, only the world’s leading employers become certified as Top Employers.
Crucial to the Top Employers procedure is that participating companies must complete a stringent research process – the Top Employers Institute’s international HR Best Practices Survey – and meet the required high standard in order to achieve the certification. To further reinforce the validity of the process, all answers were independently audited, meaning this research has verified our outstanding employee conditions and earned us a coveted spot among a select group of certified Top Employers.
The Top Employers Institute assessed our employee offerings on the following criteria:

• Talent Strategy
• Workforce Planning
• On-boarding
• Learning & Development
• Performance Management
• Leadership Development
• Career & Succession Management
• Compensation & Benefits
• Culture

ADvTECH earned the certification as a Top Employer because our employee offerings across all measured criteria surpassed the required Certification Cut-off.

Samantha Crous, Regional Director Africa for the Top Employers Institute: “Optimal employee conditions ensure that people can develop themselves personally and professionally. Our comprehensive research concluded that ADvTECH provides an outstanding employment environment and offers a wide range of creative initiatives, from secondary benefits and working conditions, to performance-management programmes that are well thought out and truly aligned with the culture of their company.”

The next level
As a certified Top Employer, ADvTECH can proudly wear the exclusive Certification Seal for a year. The Certification Seal is not only a recognisable symbol of our successful employee environment over the past 12 months, but also of our commitment to optimise, develop and work with you to become an even better employer. So please share this fantastic news with others! Spread the word via email and your favourite social networking sites, and tell everyone you know that you work for a Top Employer!

Learn more about the certification
To learn more about the certification and to view our company’s Top Employers profile, please visit

9/27/2017 9:52 AMTristan Bagshaw
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles10/5/2015 9:20 AMOfentse OlunloyoADvTECH Limited Makes the Top Employers List 10/12/2015 9:20 AM
ADvTECH Limited Makes the Top Employers list
ADvTECH Limited makes the Top Employers list for
ADvTECH Limited makes the Top Employers list for
JOHANNESBURG, 2 October 2015: The Top Employers Institute announced the results of its annual research into a large number of employers and their employee conditions in South Africa, with ADvTECH Limited making the list of Top Employers for 2016.

ADvTECH continues to lead the private sector in the fields of education and resourcing, contributing meaningfully to the sustainable development of human capacity in South Africa.

As a premium schools and SA's largest private tertiary education provider, ADvTECH seeks to remain people-centred, offering sound education and high quality offerings while retaining strong niche brands like CrawfordSchoolsTM, T​rinityhouse Schools, Abbotts Colleges, Junior Colleges, ADvTECH Academies, Centurus Colleges and Maravest Schools, The Independent Institute of Education, Varsity College, Rosebank College and Vega.

Currently ADvTECH employs 5 024 people at 76 schools (where 24 000 pupils are taught) and 20 campuses (catering to 31 000 students). The group's Resourcing section has successfully placed 3182 candidates through more than 20 staffing branches.

Top Employers is an annual programme that certifies organisations successfully demonstrating an exceptional working environment and employee offerings, while the Top Employers Institute is an independent organisation that globally certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has recognised Top Employers around the world since 1991 by uncovering the employee offerings of significant employers and measuring them against an international standard. Only leading organisations that make the grade become certified as Top Employers.

Crucial to the Top Employers procedure is the completion of a stringent research process – the Top Employers Institute's international Best Practices Survey. This is done to ensure that participating companies meet the required high standard in order to achieve the certification. To further reinforce the validity of the process, all responses were independently audited.

This research has therefore verified ADvTECH's outstanding employee conditions and given the stamp of approval on numerous criteria, including:  talent strategy; workforce planning; on-boarding; learning and development; performance management; leadership development; career and succession management; compensation and benefits as well as culture.

The findings were that ADvTECH has a strong focus on leadership development which sees them retain their talent. The company's 5 000-plus employees – be they teachers, recruiters, administrators or support staff – are committed people working in a professional environment offering a top class service.

Frank Thompson, interim CEO at ADvTECH said the group was tremendously excited about joining the ranks of prestigious Top Employers, affirming ADvTECH as a great place to work.

This latest Top Employer certification sees the brand now officially entering the top global ranks, demonstrating clearly that ADvTECH is a great place to work.​
Checked Out To: Susan RousseauAll-Hail-SAPICS-The-Concert-of-Coordination.aspx
Checked Out To: Susan Rousseau
8/17/2017 11:11 PMJaco WieseSusan RousseauJaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles, Press Release6/6/2016 10:00 AMAkira RamrajAll hail SAPICS The Concert of Coordination6/6/2016 9:24 AM
All hail SAPICS The Concert of Coordination
All hail SAPICS The Concert of Coordination
All hail SAPICS The Concert of Coordination

For many industries, a large annual conference is little more than an opportunity to go away for a couple of days, eat too much and wander around looking at the same exhibits you looked at last year, or listen to a similar keynote presentation that you heard somewhere before, before gratefully returning home.

And this is where the SAPICS conference is so different! The leading event in Africa for supply chain professionals is taking place at Sun City 12 – 14 June 2016. And the very apt title 'A Concert of Coordination' is befitting for an industry that moves, adapts and changes as swiftly as the times – staying abreast is not good enough, getting ahead is the only way to succeed in this competitive and fluid industry.

With more than 45 speakers and presentations, and 15 practical and exciting workshops, there is no excuse to come away anything less than more knowledgeable, more inspired and more valuable in your position than when you arrived. With diverse presentations from the biggest and most successful firms in the industry, delivered with passion and excitement by the best people in the business, you will be spoilt for choice – choose your itinerary carefully to get the most out of the SAPICS experience, including topics such as:

  • The dynamics of the Nandos supply chain in the casual dining restaurant business – a case study.
  • Smarter Supply Chains: Leveraging the Internet of Things and Big Data to Impact Growth and Performance
  • Network modelling at SAB – guiding strategy through the year
  • Environmental Economics – Supply Chain Solutions When Zero Counts
  • Environmental Economics – Supply Chain Solutions When Zero Counts
  • Cash is King: The South African Reserve Bank's Search for the Holy Grail of Supply Chain Management – Coordination

To get maximum impact out of your SAPICS 2016 experience, you should book and attend as many workshops as you can. These are hands on, specific and practical 3 hour workshops, designed to give you a beneficial skills boost in a short timeframe, by learning from the most highly regarded supply chain professionals from South Africa, USA, UK, Germany and Russia, amongst others. Supplement your skills with relevant workshops such as:

  • Negotiation Skills: Basic Strategies to Achieve Your Goals
  • Demand Driven Material Resource Planning (DDMRP) with Excel
  • Maximizing supply chain learning through simple patterning and sequencing
  • Supply Chain & Operational Metrics – Friend or Foe
  • A Supply Chain Manager's guide to the Internet of Things

    On top of the presentations and workshops is a simulated blended learning space that is a must-visit! In the Africa Café is The Fresh Connection – the chance to receive supply train training in a no risk environment. Using a fictitious, virtual fresh juice company, the online business simulation tool allows you to experience the power of alignment amongst departments and with partners within the supply chain. This is highly interactive, educational and fun!

    And last, but by no means least, Tech-Pro will be there too! Here we get to identify the up and coming stars of the supply chain world, and meet and greet the established ones! Here is an opportunity for you to find out what talent is available, for your business, or perhaps your personal career goals. Don't forget to pop by and say hi at stand M9 in Atrium 2, and also peruse our independent salary survey – we all need to know that we are getting what we are worth! See you there!

    Visit our website or call us on + 27 11 514 0463 to find out how we can help you!
8/17/2017 10:10 PMJaco Wiese
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles10/12/2015 1:02 PMOfentse OlunloyoCharity Event Maropeng Primary School Awards10/12/2015 1:03 PM
Charity Event Maropeng Primary School Awards
Tech-Pro has been supporting Hands of Change charity organisation since beginning of 2015. Through Hands of Change, the Maropeng Primary School was selected as the beneficiary of the support. 

The school is based in North West province in Ga-Rankuwa Township. The classes comprises of Grade R students through to Grade 7. 
The annual prize giving ceremony took place at Maropeng Primary School on, 22 September 2015. The purpose of the awards day is to recognise the top performing students of the school from Grade 1 through to Grade 7.

The day began with the school’s drum majorettes welcoming visitors through the school gates. The drum majorettes looked sharp, neat and well synchronized in their school colours (brown and yellow). Visitors had to drive through the guard of honour formed by the drum majorettes. Soon after that, the students and guests were seated in the school’s shaded yard. The children opened the ceremony with a school prayer. Thereafter the children sang the national anthem and the school song.

The emcee of the day welcomed the parents, children and dignitaries. The dignitaries included representatives from the Gauteng Department of Education, Hands of Change organisation and Tech-Pro Company. Hands of Change organisation is a fund raising charity NPO organisation. They assist the school with fund raising. Tech-Pro is a specialist recruitment company who supports the school through sponsorships. Excitement was in the air for the children as they were the real VIPs’ of the day and they also had the opportunity to show their talents on stage. There were gumboot dancing, singing, poetry sessions, dancing and other different acts to keep everyone entertained. 

After the entertainment, the awards began. The awards recognised students who were consistently top performers in the different subjects and in different grades during the 2015 calendar year. Each top winner was called by full name to the stage to receive their recognition certificate and medal. On stage the top performers had a photo opportunity with the dignitaries. Some of the students smiled proudly while others had tears of joy for the recognition. Proud parents also ran up on stage to experience the moment of joy with their children. The best of best performers were called up again on stage to receive their recognition certificates, medals and special trophies. The day ended with a lunch for all the guests and children taking photos with their parents’ phones.

The school’s principal, Mr L.J. Lamola, and his school leadership team have a commitment to produce top achievers in the school. The school’s vision is to prepare a solid foundation for the young leaners to be ready for the high school.
Some of our values at Tech-Pro are excellence and team-work.  We are very proud to be a sponsor and partner with a school with same values and cares about the future of the young leaders.

‘Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give’, Ben Carson.

Here is a quick gallery of the event:

A set of the top achievers in Grade 6 and 7 with their awards
 A set of the top achievers in Grade 7 with their awards 
A set of the top achievers in Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 with their awards
The set-up at the Maropeng Primary School Awards​ cremenoy
The Tech-Pro Team (Left to right) Zach Mogotsi (Branch Manager), Tine Erasmus (Managing Director), and Kabelo Modiba (BDM)
Maropeng staff and our Branch Manager, Zach, awarding one of the top performing pupils on stage

8/17/2017 10:11 PMJaco Wiese
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles10/19/2016 2:45 PMNeshika ThakurdinCover Letter Tips10/19/2016 2:40 PM
Applying for a job doesn’t only involve sending through a cv and hoping for the best. You need to sell more than just your qualifications and skills. Get the best CV tips from Tech-Pro. | Tech-Pro Blog
Cover Letter Tips
CV Tips, Cover Letter Tips, Tech-Pro, Jobseeker Tips

​Applying for a job doesn’t only involve sending through a cv and hoping for the best. You need to sell more than just your qualifications and skills. Companies want to know who you really are and if your personality will match with that of the company. Most employers expect to get a cover letter; it is no longer optional. Below are tips to help you write the perfect cover letter. 

  • Know who you’re addressing 

On every job that is advertised there is a contact person, make sure you address that person when you write your cover letter. If the job ad doesn’t state the contact person, do some research and find out who is responsible. Showing effort might just score you some points. Using a generic greeting such as “To whom it may concern” shows lack of effort. 
  •  Sell your skills and capabilities 

Employers always want to know what you can do for them – how or what will they benefit from you. A cover letter can assist you by highlighting your skills. Emphasise what you will bring to the company to help them grow and succeed. You can try this by identifying a problem and providing a solution to them. ​
  • Don’t rewrite your cv 

The HR manager already has a document that stipulates all of your educational background and your work experience. A cover letter should sell something different. Talk about your skills, hobbies and past achievements. If you don’t have any work experience, highlight challenges you have come across and how you overcame them (this must be work related). A cover letter gives you a platform to talk about experiences that you would not include in your cv. ​
  • Personalise your letter for every position 

While you may have a template email that you can just make small edits to, in order to apply for every job, you are likely to make mistakes. Hiring managers can easily pick that up and not look at your cv. Every new job application should have a new cover letter. This helps you to show that you know about the specific job and that specific company. Try to include facts that are particular to the company you’re applying at. 
  • Call to action

Ensure that you research your desired job by visiting the company’s website and social media, this will give you a sense of their culture. You need to keep in mind that you are selling yourself as a brand and that the company has to hire you. Be mindful of your tone, you don’t want to sound too arrogant or too desperate. Spelling and grammar are essential. Remember, practice makes perfect! 

Tech-Pro are leaders in Supply Chain recruitment, for tips or advice feel free to send us an enquiry. Alternatively, to search and apply for jobs, click here​.

Checked Out To: Jaco WieseCurrent-trends-affecting-supply-chain-in-South-Africa.aspx
Checked Out To: Jaco Wiese
8/17/2017 10:10 PMJaco WieseJaco WieseJaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles9/2/2015 10:35 AMOfentse OlunloyoCurrent trends affecting supply chain in South Africa9/2/2015 6:04 PM
Current trends affecting supply chain in South Africa

​​​​​People play a pertinent role in supply chain management. ​Seven out of top ten supply chain challenges faced by South African companies relate to people, emphasising the central role that people play in determining and executing business strategy (supplychainforesight 2015 report).​

It is worth noti​ng that t​​alent scarity and big data some of the major trends that dominated 2014.​ Here are other trends that are currently affecting supply chain ​​in South Africa.​

1. Change management: The contemporary business environment is dominated by change and most organisations are having to prioritise change management in pursuit of sustainability. The ability to identify, manage and lead change is a new ‘basic’ requirement for employing executive supply chain talent. In a​ddition, supply chain leaders are required to be proactive, visionary and multi-skilled. 

2. Skills shortage: The shortage of pertinent skills​ and talent in supply chain remains a primary limitation for most South African organisations. Moreover, there is a growing need for softer skills in supply chain and an emphasis on effective communication, teamwork and employee retention. Proactive employee retention is pertinent because of the skills shortage and the fact that only 39% of the South Africa’s work force are active jobseekers (LinkedIn Talent Report 2015). Moreover, employee turnover is too costly and can cause severe supply chain disruptions hence the growing emphasis on employee wellness. 

3. Supply chain is taking centre stage: More and more business leaders are recognising the central role supply chains play in business strategies and the need to employ the right people the first time around. 

4. Big data is creating smarter supply chains: The wide availability of data and business intelligence is helping supply chain professionals to innovate and use supply chain as a competitive advantage.

5. Customer-centricity: With more and more customers shopping online, supply chains are moving towards improving service levels. The customer is king and organisations are aligning their supply chains to support changing customer needs. 

Overall, supply chains are undergoing major changes from in and outside the organisation. The growing importance of supply chain is making organisations realise the need for employing the right people the first time around.​​​

Supply chain professionals who actively align their skills set with current trends will have the pick of challenging and rewarding career opportunities over the next decade. Are you a supply chain professional who has a track record for helping companies create a sustainable competitive advantage? We have various opportunities available in ​Supply Chain, Planning​, Consulting, Procurement, and Logistics​​. Check ​out our jobs page to apply.​​

Photo credit: ​photoraidz via​

8/17/2017 11:11 PMJaco Wiese
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles, Press Release12/9/2014 10:52 AMSive RavukuDemand for Skills Makes Supply Chain a Good Career Choice12/9/2014 10:52 AM
Demand for Skills Makes Supply Chain a Good Career Choice
Demand for Skills Makes Supply Chain a Good Career Choice
Demand for Skills Makes Supply Chain a Good Career Choice

Barloworld’d supplychainforesight 2014 Survey ranked ‘availability of supply chain skills’ as one of the top five key Supply Chain and Logistics constraints over the next 5 – 10 years¹, highlighting concerns over a growing shortage of skilled staff. Supply chain professionals who actively align their skills set with demand will have the pick of challenging and rewarding career opportunities over the next decade, Tech-Pro tells SmartProcurement.

As the ‘logistics and supply chain sector underpins the entire global economy’², a shortage of suitably qualified, skilled and experienced supply chain professionals will impact economic growth.
And, as supply chain complexity increases, so too does the demand for more specific and specialised skills, which are harder to produce.

The mismatch between skills needed and produced is particularly high in South Africa.
The World Economic Forum ranks South Africa’s ‘inadequately educated workforce’ as a leading ‘most problematic factor for doing business’ – the outcome of very low rankings in ‘Quality of Primary Education’ (133rd out of 144 economies) and ‘Quality of Maths and Science Education’ (144th).

Public Sector Response to the Skills Shortage

In 2011, the government published the ‘National Skills Development Strategy III’, a blueprint for addressing South Africa’s skills shortages.
The aim of the strategy is to increase the number of appropriately skilled people, with priority skills, in order to meet demand and achieve accelerated economic growth targets.

Goals include:

• Identifying and quantifying shortages to enable better skills planning.
• An increased focus on ‘occupational training’, using FET/ Practical colleges, to ensure that graduates are more ‘work-ready’.
• Encouraging employers to improve workplace-based training.
• Improving career and vocational guidance in priority skill areas.

In May 2014, as one of the steps in the implementation of the NSDS III, the government released a ‘National Scarce Skills List’ for comment. The list, which was compiled in consultation with the public, private and academic sectors, includes supply chain roles like ‘Retail Buyer’ in 59th place, ‘Supply and Distribution Manager’ in 62nd and ‘Logistics’ in 90th place among the ‘Top 100 Occupations in Demand’.⁵

Private Sector Input
According to research conducted by UJ researchers at the SAPICS Conferences in 2011 and 2012, South Africa’s has many ‘difficult to fill’ supply chain positions across operational, tactical and strategic areas, including:Б

• Managers – at all levels, including Distribution, Inventory, Logistics, Procurement, Project, Supply Chain, Transport and Warehouse Managers
• Planners, including Demand, Inventory and Production Planners
• Supply Chain Strategist
• Business Analyst
• Buyers
• Procurement staff
• Logistics staff
• IT Supply Chain Specialist

Says Zachariah Mogotsi, Branch Manager at specialist SCM recruiter, Tech-Pro, ‘In 2014, we’re seeing strong demand for Commodity Managers and Strategic Sourcing Specialists. We believe that the reason behind this rise in demand is related to the fact that most businesses are paying more attention to optimising the Procurement value chain, creating cross-functional teams that can assist in driving efficient spend management. People who have a track record in negotiating consolidated contracts, reducing the total cost of ownership and forming strategic partnerships with suppliers, are in demand’.

What challenges does your company face as a result of skills shortages? Which supply chain jobs does your company find ‘difficult to fill’? Do you offer workplace-based training? If so, does it help to create the ‘in demand’ skills you need?

[Words: 534]

1: 2014 supplychainforesight, Barloworld
2: ‘Outlook on the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry 2012, World Economic Forum
3: ‘Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015’, World Economic Forum
4: ‘National Skills Development Strategy III’, Issued by the Department of Higher
     Education and Training, 2011
5: ‘Call for Comments on the National Scarce Skills List: Top 100 Occupations in
     Demand’, Published in the Government Gazette (Notice 380 of 2014) for the
     Department of Higher Education and Training, May 2014
6: ‘An Update of the Supply Chain Skills Gap Survey in South Africa’, Gert Heyns and
    Rose Luke for the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (Africa), University of

'This article was written by Tech-Pro and first appeared on the SmartProcurement website'

8/17/2017 10:10 PMJaco Wiese
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles5/10/2016 10:13 AMOfentse OlunloyoDo you have a plan for your supply chain career5/10/2016 10:16 AM
Do you have a plan for your supply chain career

Successful professionals plan ahead and succeed on purpose. They make a conscious effort to write down their career aspirations, goals and plans. These individuals know what they want and carefully work towards a specific goal. An essential tool that helps them to succeed on purpose is a career plan.

A career plan is a roadmap to career success, it details where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. A career plan should detail your vision, strategy, plan of action as well as your short term, medium term and long term career goals. An effective career plan is SMART – it is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based.

Supply chain is a very technical and specialised field, it requires hard work that is why you had to work hard to get to the position that you are in today. Therefore it is important to know where you are going with your supply chain career so that you can put in the necessary effort required to succeed on purpose. You career plan should be able to answer important questions related to your career, that is: What? Where? How? When? Why?


Your career plan should at least answer the following questions:

  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • What is your ideal job, occupation or place of employment?
  • What would happen if you were to lose your job today? What would be your next move?
  • How long do you plan to stay with your current employer? And why?
  • What are your career goals for the year? How will you know that you have successfully achieved them?

The answers to these questions need to be clearly defined in your career plan. Your career has a large influence on how much you earn and what you need to learn.  Your career is important therefore it warrants proper planning. Be proactive in how you approach your career – you will be proud of yourself later!


Be proactive about your career – don't be reactive

Never wait to be laid off or retrenched before planning the next step in your career. Leaving your career to chance can have negative consequences. Do not become too comfortable in your current position – actively seek opportunities to learn, grow, teach, volunteer and participate in activities in and outside your workplace.

Do you want to start planning your career but don't know where to start? Or are you out of touch with the job market? Here are a few things you can do to ease yourself into planning your career.


How to ease into planning your career

  • Grow your network by interacting with peers and industry experts: social media is a great place to start. Ask mutual connections to introduce you to other industry experts or peers on LinkedIn.
  • Conduct a career audit in order to find out where you are in the job market and how you measure up against candidates with the same background – this should help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. You could potentially uncover your competitive advantage, this is your selling point that sets you apart from the rest.
  • Attend or seek opportunities to speak at industry events such as the annual SAPICS conference.
  • Mentor an up and coming supply chain professional – mentorship is a great way to give back and to learn. There is a lot to be learnt from this mutually beneficial relationship – you will be pleasantly surprised how you can learn from positively shaping someone else's career.
  • Do your research about specialist recruitment agencies such as Tech-Pro, which is a leader in supply chain recruitment. As a SAPICS Corporate Partner, Tech-Pro is always in touch with the latest trends in supply chain. Stay up to date with the latest trends by subscribing to our monthly newsletters or following us on LinkedIn. This will help you keep abreast of the hiring, talent and salary trends within the supply chain industry in South Africa.
  • Remember, "Organisations do not hire people. People hire people" – people are a key ingredient in your career plan, be it peers, industry experts or a specialist recruiter.

Is finding a new job with a top employer one of your career goals for 2016? Have you outgrown and outperformed your current job? We can help. As a leader in supply chain recruitment, Tech-Pro has a wide variety of employers across various industries. Contact us or send us your CV and we will get back to you.

8/17/2017 10:10 PMJaco Wiese
Jaco WieseBlog Page LayoutArticles6/13/2016 2:08 PMMishqah ParukDrones in South Africa Opportunity or Opportunistic6/13/2016 12:35 PM
Drones in South Africa Opportunity or Opportunistic

drone-1142182_1920.jpgWe live in a world of short attention spans, snap decisions and a universally increased propensity for instant gratification. Which is why drone delivery of commercial goods have captured our imaginations with its promise of novelty, quick satisfaction, flexibility and personal attention.

Also known as UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), drones have been touted as a marketing gimmick, with South Africans loving the fun aspect. Delivery of beers to the Oppikoppi festival as ‘manna’ is highly appealing to the festival revellers. So is receiving your hot pizza via a drone, or Valentines flowers from your amore, or even your plate of food inside a restaurant. The novelty factor is undeniable. And the aerial coverage and views of media and sporting events hold great benefits to the TV viewer.

Take the application to a deeper level, and the possible applications for delivering life-saving medicines into rural or cut-off disaster struck areas are numerous. Drones could become instrumental in anti-poaching and anti-crime efforts. Practical commercial and industrial applications such as terrain mapping, town planning, vehicle tracking, security, crime fighting and aerial photography for the property industry are numerous. Drones can come in any size, some as small as bottle tops.

Drones, or UAV’s are not new, and have been used by the military for stealth operations since the 1950’s. But with all these new, positive ideas and applications, come the possibility of far more sinister ones, such as the transport of weapons, illegal drugs, unlawful spying and dangerous theft of drone cargo by shooting the drone down.

So, what are the rules? South Africa has been ahead of the curve with this, with the South African Civil Aviation Authority issuing regulations in 2015 on banning the use of drones within 50m of people or buildings. In order to operate a drone in SA, you need a CAA approved and valid remote pilots licence, as well as letter of approval to fly the drone, valid for 12 months. The drone cannot be flown more than 120m off the ground or within 10km of an aerodrome, nor can they be flown adjacent to or above a nuclear power plant, prison, crime scene, police station, court of law or national key point. Visual contact must be maintained, so you cannot therefore fly the drone in bad weather conditions. For full details of the regulations you can visit

From a global perspective, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is set to introduce international policy by 2028, and thereafter consensus will need to be achieved. Is this fast enough?

Drones or UAV’s are set to become very important for Africa, the continent predicted to become the biggest commercial UAV operator and consumer, with South Africa as the hub. Google bought 15 UAV firms as part of a project to roll out WiFi across Africa, using heavy duty drones.

So, with the legalities being wrestled over, how could drones affect your business, and increase your productivity, supply chain, logistics and overall success? Worth a thought!

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