5 Reasons to Attend the SAPICS Conference

How do you get ahead in the supply chain industry? The answer is simple – you stay abreast of the latest developments; and you network! And what better place to do this than the 38th annual SAPICS conference and exhibition, in its new venue at the SunSky Village at Sun City? Aptly named 'A Concert of Coordination' and taking place from the 12-14 June 2016, it is the supply chain event not to be missed. This premier event brings together the supply chain movers and shakers from all over Africa, so there is no reason for you not to be amongst them!

South Africa's top agency exhibiting once again

Tech-Pro, as the leaders in supply chain recruitment in South Africa, would not miss it. Our agency specialises in placing the highest quality candidates in the business; so the event is key for us. We look forward to meeting up with our future candidates, catching up with our contacts, learning from those around us and contributing to the industry as a whole.

What's in it for you?

The chance to discover everything that is happening in your industry, all in one place. Being exclusively targeted at the supply chain industry, you can gather all the information and contacts you need to take yourself further in your profession. The event is a great opportunity to access thought leadership and network with your fellows. Bringing together the supply chain professionals of Africa also means that our unique challenges as a country and continent can be discussed and addressed; while simultaneously accessing global experts and latest developments.

Meet your future employer!

Whether you are just starting out in your supply chain career, a rising star or a seasoned pro looking for new challenges, this is the chance to nab the opportunity that is perfect for you. Here, you will find all the best-in-class companies and executives, eager to find the teams that will fulfil their objectives. And you can bet your bottom dollar they will be hanging out with us at the Tech-Pro exhibitor's stand!

Come and chat to us about what you would like your career to look like. We will be looking for and taking details for all those of you looking to take the next step in your career journey. It's a win-win situation!

As an industry service, Tech-Pro conduct and reveal the results of an industry-wide salary survey. So make sure you pop in to get the latest results, and help us out with data collection for the new survey. Gaining specific data helps us to make sure we can help you in getting the career boost and remuneration that you seek.

Rub shoulders with the heavy hitters

An exciting agenda of highly regarded local and international speakers will be sharing their knowledge and insight in various workshops and presentations. A knowledgeable, up to date candidate is a great candidate, so be sure to take advantage of the excellent minds available. This is a sure fire way to impress at your next interview!

Case studies are one of the best ways to bring learning to life. Catch Lara Haigh, South African Managing Director of Imperial Health Sciences. She will take you through the challenges faced when Imperial Heath Sciences client Valeant Pharmaceuticals International acquired vision care company Bausch & Lomb. The multi-layered products, service range and distribution channels made this transition potentially complex and difficult. So, how did Imperial Health Sciences successfully assist Bausch & Lomb with increases in sales volumes, call volumes and a service level of 99.97%?

Learn, learn and learn some more!

A successful career is based on the premise of lifelong learning – no matter how qualified you are or how much experience you have there is always room for more! Here is an opportunity to gain insights and knowledge from a large body of industry talent, through their workshops.

Perhaps Steven A. Melnyk, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University, USA, could help you out in his workshop: Critical Thinking – Developing the Key Skills for Becoming an effective Production and Inventory Control/Supply Chain Management Leader. He will workshop issues around the fact that a supply chain manager will oftentimes work at managing the symptoms of a problem, instead of finding the root of the issue and working at solving it from that standpoint. This methodology stops the symptoms recurring, and is an effective strategy for long-term leadership success.

We would love to see you at SAPICS 2016! Make sure you schedule a stop at stand M9 in Atrium 2 to have a chat about your future and the role we can play in it. You can also get the salary survey results hot off the press and tell us what SAPICS 2016 has done for you.