How to look out for employment scams

So, you've come across an ad for what seems like a dream job, it's in your area of expertise and pays a great salary that is higher than the current market rate. Something doesn't seem right though and alarms are going off in your head about this opportunity. Before you proceed with your application make sure you've been through our list of pointers to help you spot an employment scam.


1.       You have to part with money

This is a huge warning sign as any legit company does not need you to pay them any fee for an interview to happen or when the interview is done for training. If you are asked for your banking details, do not part with that information as you're sure to be left bankrupt! The golden rule is, if any job opportunity requires you to pay money, it is most probably a scam.


2.       Free email accounts

The email address that is used for communication by the recruiter is a free email account such as Gmail, Yahoo, Live or Hotmail. All legitimate companies that are hiring will use corporate email accounts to communicate with you, not their personal accounts. Stay away from these emails as they are more than likely trying to lure you into a scam job opportunity.


3.       High pay for little work

The job advert boasts a very high salary for very little work to be done with no experience or qualifications. This should raise red flags immediately as most companies pay you industry related salaries and expect some sort of experience to do the job and a qualification is more than often needed.


4.       SMS job opportunities

This is a popular one that has been going around in South Africa in the last few months. Scam recruiters will send you an SMS stating that your CV has been viewed by their company or themselves and they would like you to come in for an interview. The location is provided but it is more like a home address and no company name is given. Ignore this immediately and do not respond.


5.       Work from home

Working from home may seem like a dream! The ability to be in the comfort of your home doing very little work sounds great but that is not always the case. Most work from home scams require you to purchase a starter kit to do the job that will be delivered to your house, however, this does not arrive. There are also scams where you have to do data capturing work that you will not end up getting paid for.  


It is vital that you take precautions for all job opportunities that come your way. Falling for scammers can lead to the loss of money and identity theft. Taking the time to ensure that you have checked the points above, it will save you from being the next victim.

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