Interview Tips The ins and out of a job interview

The excitement flows through your body after you receive a phone call or email inviting you for a Job interview for a vacancy you really want. Thoughts flow through your mind, this is your one shot at landing yourself the perfect job.  But then it's the day and hours before the interview, you feel weak, your heart races, your knees are shaky, your palms are suddenly sweating and your anxiety levels just increase.

You tend to start stressing out which is normal. It's normal for us to experience mixed emotions before something big is about to happen in our lives. Even the president, CEO's and world leaders went through these feelings and experienced the feeling of anxiety and stress sometime in their lifetime. It's completely normal so there is no need to beat yourself up.

Here are interview tips to help you shake-off your anxiety:

1.       Plan, Plan and Plan

Plan in advance for the interview. Often, (and yes I am writing from experience), more often than you expect you feel knots forming in the pits of your tummy because you have no idea what to expect from your upcoming job interview. It's kind of a mystery to the job applicant as they are not aware of what curve balls the potential employers are about to throw at you and this is always nerve wrecking. The best way is to plan and prepare for your interview in advance, research the company, research the employer and find out as much information as you possibly can. This helps reduce your anxiety, allowing you to walk into the interview with confidence. techpro interview2.jpg

2.       Research Interview Questions

techpro interview3.jpgYou probably read this one before but you ask yourself does this really help? Well, yes it does. Having a little insight as to what questions you can be asked allows you to prepare answers according to your abilities and skills. The key to success here is not to memorise your answers but rather remember talking points. I would suggest putting it into a story form. You also need to focus on your own personal goals, achievements, and skills. Your main aim is providing concise responses.

3.       Dress to Impress

As legends say: "first impressions last…" You should plan what you going to wear the night before your interview. It is important that you dress professionally. Always remember that a job interview is not a social meeting so your clothes should be professional. Also, you should never wear too much jewellery and accessories as it is not a fashion show.

4.       Arrive early for the interview
Again, "first impression lasts", so arriving late at your interview will make a bad impression. Always try and be there 15 minutes before your scheduled interview time. Arriving early will allow you time to get the outstanding paperwork done and also give you a chance to observe the environment.

5. Make a good first impression

As mentioned a few times above, making a good first impression is the most important element when attending a job interview. The rule of thumb is to be polite. Also offer warm greetings to everyone you pass and meet. Be friendly, smile, greet, as your chances of getting this job could easily be derailed if you are rude to the staff. As explained above, dress well as this is going to portray a strong first impression.

The tips for preparing for a job interview are endless. The most important thing to remember is that you are good at what you do. You are unique, you do have the experience and skills required as you were chosen for the interview. So be confident and all you have to do is walk the walk, talk the talk and dress to impress. Good luck on your next job interview!