Starting a new job Here are things to remember

​We all know that starting a new job can be exciting but also nerve-wrecking! You are not used to the environment or the people. You are not in your comfort zone but it is vital for you to always be composed, confident and excited. To make the most of your first few months in your new job there are things that can help you push yourself.


1.       Build work relationships

Interpersonal relationships are vital in the first few months of starting your new job. You spend almost 8 hours with the same people every day which you need to interact with. This helps you get a sense of the company culture and how things operate. Are there weekly update meetings? Do people have lunch at their desks? Make sure that you make an effort to hang out with your colleagues instead of ignoring everyone.

2.       Have clear goals / targets  

It's important to set goal for the future before you start in your new role. These can be short-term or long-term. Talk to your manager about how you want to succeed in your new role and how you will measure your success. More often the company will assistance in succeeding by offering you training or paying for a course that will empower you.


3.       Be indispensable

Make your mark. The first few months are critical as you are probably on probation for a few months and the company still has to 'decide' if they should keep or not.  You should show your manager outstanding work ethics and how well you can do your job. Having passion for your job can help you in approaching new projects or assignments.

4.       Know what you want

You need to have direction in terms of your career. What do you want to get from your job? Is it career growth or opportunities? In the first few months of your new role you should establish what you want to get from the job.

5.       Find someone to talk to

You are new in the office and you don't know how to get around or how processes work – that's normal. All you need to do is find the right person to direct all those 'silly questions' to.  We all get nervous when we start our new job, we are can't even go to the bathroom or make coffee because the nerves won't allow you.

6.       We have all been there

Everyone in your office has been new, even the oldest person was once new. We know exactly how you feel. Don't be too shy when being introduced to senior management, be confident and relaxed. Remember that first impressions last.

7.       Pause, think and reflect

A new job can be overwhelming. There's so much information to take in and also new things to learn constantly thus making it very important to take time to relax.