The SAPICS Conference Why should employers attend

The excitement is mounting for the 38th annual SAPICS conference and exhibition taking place from the 12th to 14th of June 2016 at Sun City in the new SunSky Village, a brand new facility with free Wi-Fi throughout. This annual conference is the leading event for supply chain professionals in Africa, and this year's theme is particularly apt – A Concert of Coordination!

Tech-Pro Personnel will be there again

Tech-Pro is pleased to announce that we will once again be exhibiting at the SAPICS conference. As a SAPICS Corporate Partner and a leader in supply chain recruitment in South Africa, this event is an important and very special one for us, to network, learn, share amongst and give back to the industry we serve.

What's the deal?

So, why should you be at SAPICS 2016? Well, the more pertinent question is actually, why not? As the largest and most comprehensive event of its kind in Africa, it allows you to explore resources that are entirely relevant to your profession. The networking opportunities are invaluable and the thought leadership is on the forefront of global industry. What's more, you can gain practical and specific insights and assistance from those who are or have been 'in your boat' before. You can get the case studies that are relevant to you in South Africa or Africa. Find out about how our unique challenges have been surmounted or succumbed to, and learn from (or just feel comforted by!) these experiences.

Meet your future team!

We all know that your staff and your teams are the definitive difference between success, mediocrity and failure. Here is an opportunity to meet the up and coming stars of the supply chain world – the innovative thinkers ready to revolutionise business for the better in the 21st century. And you can bet your bottom dollar they will be hanging out with us at the Tech-Pro exhibitor's stand!

Here we will have our Business Development Manager on call to attend to all your talent requirements. We also have candidates coming to discuss their particular needs; which allows us to further increase our pool of professional talent. It is at SAPICS 2016 that we will reveal the results of our supply chain industry salary survey, always a point of real interest to all in the business. We will also be starting the collection of data for our new survey, so this your opportunity to share your input with us – the more accurate data we have, the better we serve our clients, candidates and the industry!


Rub shoulders with the heavy hitters

Then there is the packed out agenda of keynote speakers, 50 and 30 minute presentations and workshops. We will all be spoilt for choice this year, with luminaries of the supply chain world both local and abroad filling up the agenda. Use your time wisely!

Catch Professor Dr Jorge Marx Gómez, who studied Computer Science and Industrial Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Berlin, discussing Big Data in support of Sustainable Development. Or listen to Liezl Smith, with a string of letters after her name that is longer than your arm! Liezl found that businesses frequently questioned how their performance fared in relation to others in the same industry or business setting. South Africa has some distinct issues and circumstances that make it challenging to relate to benchmarking data from countries overseas such the United States of America (USA). In 2015, Liezl began on a method to identify a list of measures and their method of calculation to craft a South African benchmarking program, specifically concentrated on performance in supply chain. This project was part of completing her Master of Engineering degree in Engineering Management at the University of Pretoria.​


Learn, learn and learn some more!

You can increase your skills at one of the many practical, 3 hour workshops. We all have a skills gap somewhere (be honest!) so here is an opportunity to access the finest minds and talents and address that. Is it negotiating skills you need more of? Then a workshop with Michael D Ford from USA will teach you how to get what you actually want, and make assessments and reach conclusions under time pressure. Joyce Lewis, President of the APICS Los Angeles Chapter, USA, will be running her workshop - Maximizing supply chain learning through simple patterning and sequencing. If you have ever found yourself counting time to stay on track or counting off steps to a task using your fingers? It is human nature to make sense of daily experiences through patterns and sequencing. The difficulty of comprehending supply chain notions is simplified by placing ideas and organising parts into rational and sequential patterns. Joyce will show you how! If you would like more information about the conference, please visit or download the SAPICS 2016 fact sheet.


Most importantly though, come and visit ​us our exhibition stand and let us know how we can help you achieve your staffing goals. We look forward to meeting you, or catching up with you if we already know you! Don't forget to pick up a copy of our survey results at our exhibition stand. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact us on 011 514 0463 or for all your supply chain talent related queries.​