Top CV Tips

​Writing an excellent CV can be a daunting task that is filled with challenges but when it comes to applying for a new job, your CV could be the ticket to get your foot in the door and secure an interview. We have therefore put these tips together to show you the key things you need to consider to ensure your CV shows you in the best light possible.


1.       Presentation is key

A successful CV is always carefully and clearly presented so that it remains clutter-free as well as easy to read. A recruiter does not want to go hunting for the information that they are looking for, therefore, the layout should always be clean and well-structured.

2.       Grammar is vital

It is easy to make mistakes on your CV, so it is vital that you check your grammar and ensure that it is correct. Recruiters do not like reading CV's with spelling errors as it reflects negatively on the candidate. If need be, use a spell checker such as Grammarly as it will correct any mistakes that you may not have picked up.


3.       References

References are important and vital on your CV as they are from past employers that are able to vouch for your experience and skills. Make sure that you have at least two references from past companies that a recruiter or employer is able to contact.


4.       Tell the truth, always

Lying on your CV can land you in a lot of trouble when the time comes for the employer/recruitment consultant to check the references and background you have provided. You do not want to be caught lying on your CV as it will risk all future employment and seriously affect your credibility as a trustworthy employee. Stick to the truth as you cannot go wrong with it and it will only benefit you.


Following the above CV tips will ensure success and show the recruiter or employer that you are professional in presenting yourself and your work, skills and qualifications. It will also increase your chances of landing the interview that you have been waiting for.