What questions you should ask in an interview

Getting called in for a job interview is an achievement and an important milestone on the path to getting a job. However, we all know how daunting interviews can be, focusing on answering all the questions that the interviewer asks you correctly and not making any mistakes. It is common for job seekers to focus so hard on answering interview questions that they forget something very important: You can ask questions too!

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Here is a list of questions that you should ask the interviewer:


1.       How has this position evolved?

By asking this question, you will be gaining information on how this role has grown over the years and whether the position is a dead end with no growth or a stepping stone which will help you reach greater heights within the company.


2.       What is the company culture and working environment like?

This important question will help you with insight on what the company is all about and if you will be able to fit in with the rest of the team. The interviewers' response will help you judge if the environment is a positive and friendly one.


3.       Can you tell me about the company's growth plans?

Asking this will assist you in finding out about where the company is headed in the future and if growth is expected. The plans will give you an indication of what they are implementing and if you will be able to contribute to it.


4.       What is expected of me in this position?

If you want to know exactly what the role you are interviewing for is about, this is the question to ask. It will ensure that you know exactly what is expected of you, directly from the employer and there will be no room for any surprises if you are hired. It will allow you to know exactly what you are signing up to do.


5.       What are some of the challenges in this position?

This will give insight on some of the difficulties and challenges that you may face if you are hired for the job. It will help you go in with a better view of what to expect and you can prepare yourself to deal with these challenges in the best way possible.

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Asking the right questions in an interview are important for many reasons. The questions you ask will determine if this is a company you would like to work for, it helps you collect valuable information about the company, including the employees that are a part of it and if their goals align with yours.  It also gives the interviewer insight into what areas you want clarity on.

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