Why you should keep close ties with Recruiters during Covid-19

While some industries have been dealt an upsetting shock due to the pandemic, hiring in certain sectors have remained steady, with recruitment in supply chain outperforming other functions.  This global crisis has given birth to a renewed appreciation for the importance of an effective supply chain, without which companies that could be benefitting from increased demands, will miss out on the opportunity for immense success.

Further, according to an article by Deloitte entitled COVID-19: Managing supply chain risk and disruption, the impact of the pandemic brought to our attention the need to rethink traditional supply chain models. Their suggestion under short-term actions companies can take to answer to business disturbance and supply chain challenges include enhancing the focus on workforce / labour planning and preparing succession plans for key executive positions – i.e. ensuring that no matter what happens, the company has the right people on board. This will protect the company's brand and reputation and of course ultimately the revenue at stake.  Under long-term suggestions they mention the need to focus on digitisation – which will also then spark the need to have employees with the skills to roll this out and manage it. 

Other skills we have seen becoming increasingly important in a time like this, are individuals with expertise in supplier risk management, supply network mapping, and contract management & procurement skills to implement tighter expectation clauses, payment agreements to make cash flow available and creative savings initiatives.

This is why it is so crucial to form a solid relationship with a specialist recruiter that understands your industry and the impact of the current pandemic on your business.  This strategic partner can assist you in building a pipeline of talent and proactively look for skills that will strengthen the supply chain and procurement processes within your business, to meet current demand and challenges.   

While hiring slows and open positions are being put on hold, procurement and supply chain is more prone to be insulated from these hiring swings due to their importance to company continuity, like getting their materials to manufacturing sites and products to consumers. 

A first-class procurement function for example can help companies drive savings, deliver return on investment on their precious rands spent and lessen supply chain risk in this uncertain time. Companies can use talented supply chain practitioners now more than ever, especially in high-impact industries, where we have seen hiring in this field remain steady.

On the candidate side we offer the same advise – right now is a good time to be talking to recruiters.  The pandemic certainly has made the job search more stressful for candidates as it seems like companies are laying off and have hiring freezes. Now more than ever it makes sense to partner with a specialist recruiter who's pure focus is knowing which company is hiring which skills in your industry.  So if you want to boost your chances of getting hired, you need to put yourself on the radar of those who can really help you land an interview. Further, as companies need to make more cuts, the landscape will become much more competitive than it is at the moment. This is also a very ideal opportunity to job search as you are more free to speak at home and it's a good time to explore outside of your firm if you feel there might be any uncertainty about your company's future.  Finally, pandemic or not, the perfect opportunity might just be out there waiting for you.

In conclusion, we recommend talking to skilled recruiters no matter what the economic climate. Good skills and jobs will always be key in rebuilding the economy back into a thriving ecosystem.