Women in a logistics career

An increasing number of companies in South Africa and globally are taking concrete steps to increase the number of women in key roles. This ensures diversity and inclusion in the company. Tech-Pro, which is a leader in Supply Chain Recruitment, has a female MD and constantly promotes empowering women.


Change in transport and logistics

The transport and logistics industry is typically known as an industry for men because there are a large number of men that dominate the industry. Women are predominately employed as support staff in admin, finance and communications roles while on the other hand men are employed in physical roles that are technical and operational.

With the advancement of technology, certain markets have created opportunities to include more women. These opportunities include automatic gearboxes and hydraulic lifting equipment and also increasing education of existing employees in order for them to advance in their careers and improve technical training in the company. The retirement of current employees also creates Job opportunities for women in the company as they can apply for the roles and get promotions.


Industry growth through diversity and workplace culture

Gender and diversity are key factors of any company culture, this includes the logistics industry. Male and female employees both, can create solutions that can benefit the company and improve financial returns and profitable growth.

It is very important for every company to have a culture that promotes constructive dialogue about the importance and benefits of diversity and inclusion. Employing women in this industry to get a high BBBEE score is not enough, companies need to remove cultural and structural barriers.


Key insights and the road ahead

  • Inclusion of women at all professional levels leads to better business outcomes such as high productivity levels, employee satisfaction and high financial returns for the business.
  • The logistics industry should actively leverage on opportunities to attract and employ women. Other industries such as mining and engineering have recognised the importance of diversity and inclusion of women in the workplace.
  • It is possible to remove barriers that prevent the broader participation of women in the logistics industry through strong and committed leadership.

Tech-Pro Supply Chain Recruiters is committed to promoting and empowering women in the logistics industry. Visit our website to view and apply for jobs in the logistics industry.