Being prepared for an interview – Tips & Hints

We have all been there when it was time to take yourself to the market or take the next step in your career and ready to get your CV out there and attend interviews.

However, what is meant by that? How can you ensure that you are fully prepared for not only interviews but also ensuring that you are the top candidate?

As Candidates, there are various factors to remember or be prepared for when you decide that you really are ready to make the move, or as a graduate to secure that first position amongst many others.

You need to make sure that you improve your chances of being successful and the following points are here to guide you through that process:

  • How to prepare your CV and what to include:
    • Personal details (ID number, disability, address, etc.)
    • Contact details (email, cell and additional contact)
    • Memberships, leadership roles and achievements
    • Dates of employment (specific – Jan 2015 to August 2017)
    • Dates of all qualifications and completed qualifications
      • Any incomplete qualifications need to be shown
    • Duties (be specific)
    • Reasons for leaving and explanations for any small or bigger gaps on your CV
    • References
    • Spelling and Grammar checked

It is very important to include as much as you can in your CV from achievements to what experience you have had, or even what your computer skills are. However, also remember to keep this simple and only included the necessary detail.

Transparency is imperative, and excluding any position from your CV is only setting yourself up for failure.

  • How to be prepared for an Interview:
    • Being on time is very important, try and arrive to the interview at least 15 minutes earlier however only go in to the offices 5 minutes before the interview
    • Conduct research on the company and who you are meeting with
    • Ensure you are well presented and professionally dressed (grooming and personal hygiene) 
    • Introducing yourself with a firm handshake and eye contact is important
    • Ask questions relevant to the organization and the role; always have questions that are relevant in the interview as this will show your research or interest in the position and/or Company
    • Prepare yourself for the most commonly asked interview questions and answer only what is asked; going on in a full life time history will not be in your benefit e.g. "tell me about yourself?, why are you currently looking for alternative opportunities? Etc.
    • Watch your body language (more than 60% of our communication is nonverbal) and your self-presentation is just as important as answering questions e.g. Sit up right, keep your hands to your side or on your lap, and answering confidently but with a balance of not being arrogant
    • Turn your cellphone off before you going into the interview
    • Keep your answers concise (remember the 60/40 rule)
    • Sell yourself but don't be arrogant
    • Don't be the first to bring up the salary topic and ensure that you know your salary details if you are going to discuss this and what your realistic expectations are
    • Create urgency by asking about the next step in the process
    • Ensure you have copies of your documents with you (CV, Payslip, ID, Qualifications, reference details)
    • Thank your interviewers for meeting with you
  • In Summary, the Do's and Don'ts in an interview are:
    • Do:
    • Be on time
    • Research on the company
    • Dress appropriately (corporate)
    • Give a firm hand shake
    • Be honest and humble
    • Ask questions
    • Make eye contact

    • Don't:
    • Be rude to anyone you come in contact with at the client
    • Fidget during the interview
    • Be shy to ask questions
    • Ask what the working hours and salary are in your first meeting

  • Being committed to an interview process is:
    • Be available for interviews
    • Make sure you have your supporting documents that are needed
    • Ensure you have all the necessary information that will be asked
      • Payslips
      • Proof of qualification
      • Copy of your ID
      • Referee's that can be contacted

Securing a new position is not always easy, but being prepared will only allow your chances to be a lot better.

Good Luck in your interview process and make sure you are as prepared as possible.

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